5 Great gifts for a Photographer this Christmas Season

We are halfway through November already and tomorrow will be (the American) Thanksgiving! After that comes the famous Black Friday and the countdown for Christmas will be officially on! Although in our house the countdown was on already, lol.

Today I want to give you some ideas for buying gifts for your photographer friend. I’m posting in a different range of prices, from cheap, to average to pricy, and I’m posting them randomly. I will mention 5 today.

So here comes the first one:

A Camera Strap

Chances are that your friend might not have a camera strap yet. Cameras and lenses are generally so expensive that a camera strap is usually not on the “get-right-now-list”. And even if she does have one, I’m confident that she won’t mind getting an extra one. There are many kinds of straps made from different fabrics, but I’m not going to go deep into that right now. I’ve had my eye for quite a while on Fotostrap.

First of all, they have a beautiful story behind their brand. Ten percent of every purchase goes to Fotolantrophy, “a nonprofit organization that that celebrates stories of hope and those that have defied great odds”. (You can read their story on their website). Anyway, they have amazing leather camera straps in different colors and even different widths, which you can also personalize. That alone is so worth it! You can print your logo, or your name or a quote or whatever you want to remind yourself of daily. The prices normally start at $69.99 all the way up to $124,99. Not cheap but it will last you a very long time and it’s nice to know that your purchase helps a good cause. Right now they have amazing pre-Black Friday sales (25% off) so you should definitely check it out. http://www.fotostrap.com

2. Spider Pro Hand Strap

I found out about this amazing company through a great and fun wedding photographer I follow on Instagram. (Cami Grudzinski, check her out!) I first saw her use the Spiderpro (Single and Dual) Camera System and I had to check it out. I’ve read so many reviews and it really looks great. The Spider Pro Hand Strap will make your photography job so much easier! The name says it already, it’s  a strap that connected to your camera that gives your hand comfort and support. Even if your friend is just a hobbyist, she will definitely appreciate this. You can take a look on their website and see what else they have. The Spider Pro Hand Strap in black is $65 and the colored ones are $75. It will you much loved hand comfort and support. This would be a great gift!  http://www.spiderholster.com

3. Instant Photo Camera

There are lots of instant cameras out there but I just can’t resist the Fuji instax cameras. I just love the designs and the colors! My favorites are the Instax Mini 90 and the Instax Mini 9.

The Instax Mini 90 has a classic look and just looks so cool! It also has a Macro feature that not all of them have, and you can also buy black and white film with it. You can compare all the cameras on the Fuji website to see what you think is best. The Instax Mini 9 comes in bright bold colors and would even make a great gift for a kid that loves photography. The Instax Mini 9 starts at $57 (on amazon.com) but you will need to buy film with it, and the Instax Mini 9 starts at $118 but you also have to buy film with it. I’m thinking about gifting the pink one to our oldest daughter, and I would love a blue one!

4. Photographers Mug

The first 3 gift ideas where a bit pricier so this one is for a smaller budget. A mug with a photo or a message is lot’s of fun. I’ve seen so many cute mugs online! I loved this one above from Click and Blossom but apparently they don’t have them anymore. For those in North America you can use amazon.com , in Holland you can use bol.com or amazon.de.

You could also print a mug with some personal photos. The price depends where you buy your mug but starting from $15 would be average.

5. A Photo Shoot

Book her a photo shoot with her favorite photographer or a photographer she admires in the country. This would be an amazing gift because photographers are always capturing others and are usually not in the photos themselves too often so this would be a nice gift. I personally love Sue Bryce glamour photography but there are many talented photographers around the world.

These are my first 5 tips to start with. I hope they will help you find in your search for something nice for your photographer friend this Christmas. Please leave a message if this was useful to you, it would make my day! I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!

x Samantha

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