My 10 Favorite Photos of 2019

Today I want to share my 10 favorite photos of 2019. Yay! I got this idea from another photographer at Improve photography and I think it’s a great tradition. It makes you really sit and go through your photos (relive them) and put some thought into why they are your favorite.

Okay so here we go. Just in random order because I’m getting to it as I go.

1. Family Photoshoot in Spring

As soon as the weather was good enough I planned on taking some new family photos. I love to plan their outfits too and I ordered some new ones ahead of time. The photos were taken just around the corner where we live and of course, in the afternoon because the light gets so gorgeous. I love this photo because it’s my family! I will probably do this every year lol.

2. Fun in the summer

This is one of  my favorite photos of 2019, our little girl having a good old time in this tiny unicorn swimming pool in our backyard. Just to show that you don’t have to go far or fancy for the kids to have fun! She loved it! And this photo really shows her joy.

3. Butterflies

Last year was the first time we did a butterfly project. We got eggs, caterpillars and pupa and got to see them grow and turn into butterflies! The kids loved this project. I was excited to see this whole process (but not for the daily cleaning of caterpillar poop) but some sweet memories for sure.

4. Kijkduin Beach

This photo was after I did a photo shoot with a sweet family (friends) and afterwards the men en kids were playing soccer together and it was just a beautiful evening and beautiful sunset. Just a nice time together.

5. First Family Photoshoot at Kijkduin

My first family photo shoot! It was such a great experience! And the photos turned out a-ma-zing. Just gorgeous. So, definitely one of my favorite photos.

6. Paleis Loo

We had a wonderful time at Paleis het Loo during the summer. The weather didn’t seem to warm that day but when we arrived it was actually really nice and then we visited the garden and I just loved the flowers. The garden is so beautiful!

7. Paleis het Loo

These Echinaceas were just gorgeous and I can’t wait to plant some myself this year!

8. Our own photo!

As allot of moms out there, I am not in the photo as often as my family… You can say hardly ever, lol. But, I am trying to change that. This photo was taken by a good friend of ours (a couple) and I love that I got a good photo where we all actually look good, and with the beautiful fall colors. The moment I saw the spot I knew that was our go to spot.

9. Canada

We ended the year in Canada and it was so beautiful. I will blog about it very soon but for now I will just post 2 photos. This photo was taken in Banff, Canada on a trail near the gondola.

10. Canada

last photo is another one from Canada, this one was taken in Calgary at the Heritage Park Historical Village. It was breathtaking!

These were my 10 favorite photos of 2019. I still have so many more, and also a couple just taken with my phone and not “perfect” but perfect memories were captured. Which one is your favorite? Please leave me a comment I would love that!

x Samantha

2 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Photos of 2019

  1. Muriel says:

    All your photos are great so it is really difficult to choose. Your family “no 8 “ is probably my favourite one. Love the autumn coloured background , the cozy composition and colour coded family grouping. 😊

    1. samantha says:

      Hi Muriel! Thanks for checking it out! So sweet of you! Thanks again!


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