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My Favorite Photo Album Company

The first ten years of our marriage I did not print almost any photo, not even our wedding album! Yes, I know that is bad. Lol. I was so busy that printing photos was not in my top 10 list. At all…

So, I totally understand other moms when they say, “I just don’t have the time!”. Today I want to share my favorite Photo Album Company.


It’s looks like a Cook book but that was actually from the kids’ gardening that I wanted to document.

They are so easy to work with, that I think even as a busy mom (or maybe not a mom but just busy!) you will find it very handy to work with.

My favorite reasons:

1. Easy to work with.

I have tried working with some other photo album companies and I had to download something on my computer, or I could work online but the layout options were just not optimal. I had to shift the layout or the photo just didn’t fit right, with Mixbook I’ve never had any problem. It is very easy to work with and you don’t have to download anything, you can just work online. And I usually start a book and just work on it during the year, and I don’t have to rush that they will delete my photos in a certain amount of time.

2. Layout.

I love the layout options from Mixbook. You can choose for each page how many photos you want and also choose many options how to display those photos. You also have the “theme layout” options which most of the time look very professional.

3. Backgrounds.

You can really effect the mood of a photo by using the right (or wrong) background color or template. There are endless possibilities of backgrounds, from solid colors to watercolor effects, to shapes, you name it they have it.

4. Stickers.

This is one of my favorites! They have so many cute stickers and they really give that extra to a photo album. You don’t have to use them but you have allot of options and can adjust the size to whatever pleases you.

5. Customer Service.

One time my photo book did not arrive (we were living in Curacao at the time) and they right away send another one for me. The customer service is awesome, you feel heard and they are really there to help you as good as they can.

6. Quality.

I love the quality of the paper and also of the front and back of the album. It has a professional feel to it and they look amazing.

So those were just some of the reasons I love Mixbook.  I have been printing a year book now for a couple of years and it’s just so great to go through the photos. One thing I realize as I get older, is how fast time goes by! And nowadays so many of us have so many cool photos just living in our phones or computers and they deserve to get a spot in your photo album. My kids just love to go through them and I think it helps to remember so many things that we otherwise might forget.

Okay, so go for it! And if this has inspired you to get your own photos printed (even if its somewhere else because what matters is that you print your photos!) leave a message and let me know, that would make my day!

Have a blessed day!

x Sam

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