5 good reasons why you should print your photos

I remember a long time ago (well not that long ago lol) when I was living in Spain for 3 months. I had taken lot’s of photos and had 3 film rolls that were in my backpack waiting to get developed. I couldn’t wait to see them! In those days mobile phones were still a new thing and we were all just figuring it out and we still shot photos with film and life was different. Lol

Seriously though, life has really changed since then. Nowadays there’s hardly anything you can’t do with a phone and even toddlers can take photos. But some things remain the same. Today I want to share 5 reasons to get your photos printed.

1. It makes it accessible

How often do you actually make time to sit on the couch and go through you photos? If your photos are living on your phone (or make it to your hard disk), chances are you wont do that very often. And even if you occasionally do, it is a very different experience to actually have your photos printed in a book or on your wall. Having your photos printed and nearby will make it easy to sit and look through them and relive those sweet photos you took.

2. It’s worthwhile

I was going to say, “it’s a fun process to actually go through your photos and decide which ones to use”. But then again, some people might not find it fun. But even if you don’t, it is definitely worthwhile. Once you have decided which ones you want to use and have passed that station you will find it so worthy because now you can actually enjoy them. And not just you but others can enjoy them too. Our kids love to go through our photo books and it makes them so happy to see their photos printed.

3. Heirloom

Your photos are your gift to your family. Even after you are gone they will always have these sweet memories to look at. Photos bring back so many memories and will be your gift to the next generations.

4. You deserve it

Your photos deserve to be seen. Print them, share them, enjoy them. It takes effort to make time to do this, and allot of people just keep postponing it until you don’t even remember or it seems to big a task to do. But you deserve it, make an effort to get your photos printed.

5. It will bring you joy

When I’m home and I look through my photobooks, or see my photos printed and framed it just brings much joy to me. It such a satisfaction and I think photos are meant to be printed. Not all of course, but if you take the time to screen you photos and think about what you want, the result will bring you much joy.

I hope I have inspired you to get your photos printed. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Do you print your photos regularly? Do you have your favorite photos framed on the wall?

Have a blessed week,


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