Why Photography Matters

Today I want to share a little about how I got started in photography, and why photography matters.

Ever since I was young I loved taking photos. I didn’t have my own camera when I was very young but I do remember around my 18th birthday having a small camera. I went to Spain for my studies and took a couple of rolls of film. Old school style haha, it was always a surprise how they turned out.

Anyway, getting a “real” camera wasn’t in my budget as I was a student so I always used those simple small ones (and lots of blurry photos!). A couple of years after I got married to my handsome husband, he gifted me with a Nikon D3000 camera.  I was over the moon! Except I didn’t know how to use it.

Since I was always taking pictures and now I got a “fancy” one, I was asked to take photos at a birthday party. Of course I wanted to do that! Except the party was at the end of the day, and continued in the dark… and I got lots of blurry photos.

I didn’t know how to work the flash and didn’t know all the features.

When I asked my friend if she liked the photos, she hesitantly told me that they had expected to get better photos since I had such a fancy camera… Well that was like a punch in my face, but, it did spur me on to really want learn this photography thing. I was so motivated to learn this craft and not get blurry photos anymore!

So I turned to the internet first and read lots of blogs, watched tutorials and eventually took a class from a photographer. That was actually a key moment. I was already shooting in manual but I didn’t understand it fully, but after that class I got the manual shooting under control and that made such a difference! Then I discovered Creative Live and took some classes there, a bit later I joined Sue Bryce her website and followed some tutorials from Roberto Valenzuela, etc. Just slowly growing in knowledge and in the meanwhile trying to find my “niche”. That is still in development. Lol.

Why Does it Matter?

To me photography is freezing memories that you can later revisit and relive.

How often we forget what we did last week or last month, or what we did in that last year… but taking photos makes me a more grateful person because I’m reminded of all those little moments that I might otherwise forget.

I’m especially thinking about the yearly photo books I make, where I try to capture moments from every season. It can be just going for a hot coco with one of the kids but I make sure to take a photo just because it’s something I want to remember. Its small but to us its special. So, photography for me is really a treasure and one we leave eventually for our children.


Photography is also art. I’m not saying all photography is art, but it’s a medium that you can use to express yourself and has the power and beauty as art.


Taking pictures of families is one of the most beautiful things there is, I think. Of course I love landscapes, a beautiful sunset over an ocean or majestic mountains, all of that is amazing. But, photographing people, especially families is such a sweet thing. You might think it’s “only” pictures but it’s a legacy you are photographing. Sweet moments that people will always look back to and remember, especially since children grow so fast.

Okay well that’s it for today! If you are not doing a yearly photo shoot with your family, you should! It doesn’t matter if you think you still have to loose so much weight, or this or that has to change first… (aren’t we so good at making excuses?) Just do it! The best moment is just right now, because you are worth it. Your family is worth it and it will give you much joy to look at later.


X Samantha

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