A Visit to Tuinidee 2020

Some weeks ago I won 2 tickets to Tuinidee 2020 from Tuinavonturiers on instagram. I was so excited! (I love her hashtag #spreadnaturelove) As I’m new to the garden/planting world I didn’t know about this event at all, so this was a really nice treat. Last Saturday me and a friend of mine drove up to the Brabanthallen to check it out, so today I will share some highlights of that morning.


Tuinidee is located in the Brabanthallen, Den Bosch which is in the south east-ish of Holland. The event takes place during 4 days, this year it was from Thursday 13th of February 2020 till Sunday the 16th of February.

There were 4 huge halls (hall 1, hall 2, hall 6 and hall 7) to visit and each of them had some inspiration gardens. These gardens were planted with real plants and flowers and some of them were really impressive! So much work went in there! There was a winter garden outside before you enter the building, a romantic garden, a water garden (with a big waterfall) an adventurous garden, and more.


One of my favorite gardens was “Floor’s Moestuin” ( Floor’s Vegetable/kitchen Garden). To me it felt like you entered a real vegetable garden.

There were real vegetables planted in the borders, there were tiles lifted and filled with soil, there was a planting workhouse in the middle of her garden and some more buckets filled with all kinds of herbs.  

Spread throughout the garden there were signboards that gave you little tips or information that were really neat. It felt like we stepped into her own garden and came to visit her. I have just recently discovered her on Instagram and love her drawings she makes. She has her own website so if you want to know more about vegetable gardening, check her out!

Botanical Jewelry

Another stand that I really liked made Botanical Jewelry! It was called Petal Spell and the owner actually uses real flowers to incorporate in her jewelry.

It looked so pretty! I would have never thought about using flowers in jewelry. You can find her on etsy or Instagram, check her out! I really loved her petal earrings in the blue/green shades. Just gorgeous!

Little Trees

Another stand that was really neat was Mini Tree.

They sold fruit trees (bare root) that stay small, and so perfect for small gardens or for in a pot. On the website the trees are sold for 23,50 euros but they had a special offer of 15 euros! They had apple, pear and cherry trees. I was a bit sorry I didn’t buy one when I was home.

When we just arrived we had a chat with a lady from one of the stands that was there to promote their tradition of flower wagons. She told us how they work for almost 6 months building the wagon with Dahlia flowers and how they don’t have the problem of kids being bored and hanging around. Lol She had a big photo book with beautiful photos of the whole process from design to build and the actual day itself.

She told me to put in my bucketlist, lol. I’ve never seen something like this before so I might try to do this this year. It’s the first Sunday of September.


There were also lot’s of plants and bulbs stands and a couple especially selling seeds. I had just bought my seeds online so I didn’t get any seeds.

This section right here sold different kind of plants.

In every hall there were spots were you could eat and sit and even a play area for kids to play.


Another favorite of mine was the Bookstore section. If you know me, you might know that I just love books! I love chapter books but also picture books.

There was a section of flowers, vegetable gardens, planting, cooking, etc. My favorite was the section of Piet Oudolf books. I had heard so much about them but not had the chance to actually look into them. My favorite one is the Planting one (top right). I didn’t buy any books but putting some on my list.

At our last round of walking around we visited a lady from Kasteel Tuinen Arcen. I had seen it online but now after seeing their video and talking to the two ladies I would definitely love to visit these gardens this year. One of the ladies that works there said it feels like taking a little vacation when you are walking there, it’s so peaceful and relaxing! So, that one I will definitely put on my 2020 list of places to visit.

We had to visit Avontuurlijk tuinieren! It’s because of them we actually got to go (because I had no idea of Tuinidee).

They had quite a big garden. I loved the tips that were spread around the garden.

I love this color!

We arrived just too late for the speech they gave but I would of loved to hear from them. They also have a book called Avontuurlijk Tuinieren.

I need to go find this quote because I love it!

Furniture and design

There were so many more things to see. There were also allot of garden furnitures (and some gorgeous wooden tables and chairs).

Also interior (exterior) design, whirlpools for outside (not needing that unfortunately) and other remodeling things that did not get my attention.

This was another one of my favorite gardens. I really like this style and would love to have wooden beams like that in my own garden with a wisteria or roses growing over it.


There were different kinds of of food and sweets too!

Gorgeous feathery decoration (for cheap!).

Digging through the pile and found some cute signs.

Loved this garden workhouse style, it looked so chique!

Overall, my impression is that it was a great place to come and get inspired. Especially with spring right on our doorstep it’s nice to be able to go to a place like this and start dreaming of your spring/summer garden that soon will be here.

That’s all folks!

Would I go again next year? Yes, I think I would. And would definitely buy the pear tree, or apple tree. Or both!

Have you ever been there? What are your favorite photos from this blog post?

Have a great day!

Blessings, Samantha

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