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Growing Seeds Indoor

February was a fun month for me.

Not weather wise, (lot’s of rain and wind, great if you are indoors with a book, not so great if you have to do groceries on the bike, lol) but fun in preparation of the coming season.

This was February

This is the first year that I understand how much fun it is to start seeds indoor while it’s still winter outside.

Cut Flower Book

Two years ago I bought the book Cut Flower Garden from Floretflowers (Erin Benzakein). The moment I discovered her website and flower farm I fell in love with her business and even though I wasn’t able to actually use it at that moment, I had to have the book.

So, fast forward 2 years later, now I finally got to use her book!

Got lots of highlights going on 🙂


I used Chiltern seeds to order my seeds (because I couldn’t find any local ones online that sold the exact seeds that I wanted) and received them 2 weeks later.

I’m very satisfied with the company, the website gives you all the information you need about the flowers (what soil it will grow best on, how much moisture it needs), and also how to grow them (when to plant, when it will blossom etc). I also love reading reviews too to see how others experienced their growing.

Once my seeds arrived the company send a basic instruction with them on how to handle your seeds the best way.  


I ordered two kinds of Lathryus seeds and soaked them for 24 hours like they recommended.

Going down to water

I followed the instruction from Erin’s book. I moistened my soil first and then filled my trays with it.

Don’t forget to lift the tray and tap it on the table so that the soil settles down. Then I used a pencil to make a hole and put 2 seeds in. And lastly I put some vermiculite on top. I left a plastic top on it until the seeds started sprouting and after that I took it off.

These seeds were so tiny I had to really do my best to notice them while my hands were dirty
These are the Lathyrus seeds once they had a 24 hour soaking

Within a week I had some seeds sprouting!

Sage and Celosia seeds sprouting
These Lathyrus babies grow so fast! Seems they grow about 5cm a day!

I must say, it’s been very exciting to see the seeds sprout. I don’t know how the rest will unfold but I’m so excited to see them grow this summer! I hope you liked this blogpost. Please leave a message and let me know what you think. And if you have any questions let me know too!

Wishing you a healthy and good week!

x Samantha

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