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Planting Herbs Indoor

It is April 21 and we are still in the middle of the COVID19 virus. Here in Holland almost everything has been closed except the grocery stores and some others stores (like gardening shops and bookstores). We still have a lot of freedom and are not closed up in our house. We can go for walks as long as we use our freedom wisely. I’m super happy with the weather and I am thankful we still have some freedom. At the same time I’m also thinking of all the doctors and nurses around the world that are working so hard to give medical care in the midst of their own fears and uncertainties about their own health. 

I think especially now with all this going and people being forced to stay home, the planting and gardening has been such a joy to do. There is something really satisfying in seeing your own-planted seeds grow and blossom, so I encourage you to try it if you haven’t yet. 

Today I want to share what I’ve been up to this past week. 

Last Saturday I planted some herbs; Rosemary, ‘Summer Thyme de Provence (Zomertijm), Basil (Mrs.Burns Lemon) and Oregano (Wilde Marjolein).

After 4 days the Basil and the Summer Thyme germinated but the Rosemary and Oregano did not however. 

Basil germinating
Summer Thyme on the left and Basil on the right

As I was writing this blog post I discovered that you are not supposed to cover Oregano and Rosemary seeds with soil as they need sun to germinate. I read online that you need to “lightly press them into the soil”.

So I learned another thing, don’t just follow the packages but double check your sources. Lol 

I still had some Oregano left so I sowed it onto the soil I already had. The Rosemary, I bought another package of seeds and did it the right way this time. So, I will see how long it will take to germinate. 

Wishing you a healthy and blessed week!


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