Hi there!

My name is Samantha.

I’m a lifestyle photographer. I’m married to the most amazing, funny and cute husband 🙂 Together we have 4 kids, ages from 10 to 2, which keep us pretty busy.

We’re a homeschool family so we get to spend a lot of time together. We have lived in Bonaire, Curacao and most recently we moved internationally to the Netherlands so you can say we have moved quite a lot (7 times until now). I should write blog posts about how to travel with many kids and survive, lol.

Things that I love:

I love Jesus. The Bible is my go-to-guide.

I love music, depending on what kind of mood I’m in it can be jazz, gospel, r&b, reggae or merengue.

I love flowers! Just having a bouquet of flowers in the house really make me so happy!

I love Fixer upper and dreaming about our own home all fixed up lol. I love Joanna Gaines lol.

I love podcasts.

Always ice-cream. Especially coffee flavour.

I love my family. I’m truly blessed to be a mom and a wife.

I love photography! I love putting a photo session together, picking out outfits, locations and then seeing it all come together. I love seeing real emotions. I love photography because you get to preserve memories and treasure them for generations to come.

I love photos in print! For too long my photos have lived on my hard disk. No more, printing your photos is the best thing.

Lastly, I love to laugh. Can’t have enough of that!

I would love to get to know you! Leave me a comment and tell me about yourself.

-x Samantha