Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Samantha Locadia. I’m a wife to my handsome husband and mom to our 4 kiddos. I am in love with photography and here I want to share my photos and journey in photography.

I’ve always loved taking photos but it wasn’t until my husband gifted me with a Nikon D3000 that I got back into it. After messing up and getting blurry photos for a couple, I decided I was going to learn this and get it right! That was about 6 years ago. I kept educating myself, practising, and growing over the years. I love family photography, nature photography, and lifestyle/design.

I love family photography because it’s just priceless. It’s so amazing to help a family get beautiful images they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Every family should get their photos done because you are worth it, and because you will never regret having photos of your own precious family.

Nature photography is something I will always do even if no one pays me to do it. lol I love sunsets, blooming flowers, gorgeous landscapes, forests, mountains, gardens. I could keep typing. Lol but this is a passion and I share it here too. Usually this flows from our family lifestyle and the things we are studying or doing, places we are visiting and I simply document that.

Our family has lived in Bonaire, Curacao and now recently in the Netherlands. God keeps our paths exciting.

Leave a comment and tell me share something about yourself. Where are you from and what are your passions?

-x Samantha

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