How to get gorgeous photos: part one


Hi there! So, last time I talked about the key ingredients to get gorgeous photos during your photoshoot. Today I want to talk about the first part. Wardrobe.

If you are planning for a photoshoot it’s very important to think about the outfit you are going to be wearing. The chosen outfits really impact the look of a photo. It makes such a big difference to your photo, so think about what kind of outfit you want to wear.


Before you choose the outfits you have to think about the look of your photoshoot. Do you want a casual, every day look or do you want a more formal dressed up look? Do want a fancy, elegant and dressed up shoot or a more lifestyle every day photoshoot? Where would you like to hang the photos? Think about what kind of photos you would like to have and find the style for it.

After you decide what look you want for your photos you can start planning the outfits.


This is a biggie. Really take your time to think and plan what you want to wear for your photoshoot. Don’t leave the choosing of your outfits to the day before or the day itself, but try to plan this ahead of time. If it’s for only 2 people it shouldn’t take that long, but if you are a family of 6 (like we are lol) it can take a bit more time to plan. I would suggest to start with one person and then work it out from there.

In my case, I would think about the theme that I want for our photoshoot. For example, vintage modern. I would look to see what I have already that goes well together. I would not want the same colors for all the children, but colors that are in the same shade or complement each other. I check online to look for the rest of the outfits and shoes. I actually make a document with outfits because I’m a very visual person so then I can see right away if it looks good or I need to change something. This is an example of a recent photoshoot I did with the kids.

Colors and Patterns

Try not to match everyone in the same color but look for colors that complement each other or that are in a lighter shade of each other.

Try not to use stripes or busy patterns on your clothing because that is distracting and does not look well on the photo, but instead go for solid colors. One time I had a group of men all nicely dressed with long shirts and one of them had a striped shirt, it just hurt your eyes to look at it. So, really try to stay away from the stripes (especially the thin stripes). If you want to wear a dress and it has a flower print or something, go for it, but just make sure it’s not a distracting print.

Dress Up

Like I said before, you have to decide on what kind of photoshoot you would like to have. But either way, I would recommend to dress up for your photoshoot. Even if you opt for a casual look, you can rock a nice looking jeans with a good looking shirt. You could also take a 2 hour photoshoot and have a change of clothes, but with kids this would not be handy. I have 4 myself so I can speak from experience. lol. But if it’s just the two of you, you can have a casual look series and a dressed up series. But since you don’t have a photoshoot every day I would suggest you make it a memorable day and dress up. It really takes the look of your photos to another level.

For the ladies, long flowing dresses are always flattering. Make sure it’s fitted so that you can see your waist. So don’t wear a dress that’s all baggy and you can’t see your curves. For the ladies it’s nice to see the curves, just don’t wear something so tight that you can see the lines of your underwear. If dresses aren’t your style try a nice skirt with a fitted blouse.

Wear something that you feel comfortable in though, so that you can relax during the photoshoot.


Heals make us ladies look taller and make your legs look longer. If you are having a beach session you can always start with heals and later on while you walking along the water you take them off. For the men, try not to wear sport shoes or slippers. Try wearing a nice sandal or leather shoe. If you are walking along the water, you simply take the shoes off and pull up your pants, that still looks great. The shoes really do make it all complete. If you are not a heal person, try to bring one along anyway with your sandals and just try to take some pictures with both. You might be surprised how different the picture looks.

Taking your time to pick out your outfit is very important. It’s a big part of the look of your photoshoot so try to think it through and take your time.

Remember you don’t have to wear exactly the same color but you can use shades of the same color, or colors that complement each other. Okay, go for it and have fun with it!